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This page is devoted to stories of New Spirit adoptees and their human families, and we welcome updates to be featured here.  
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"The day I met Blooberry was the best day of my life. I drove to Columbia, MD with my mom. We walked in the foster's home and I remember hearing Blooberry barking. So Kerri, the foster mom, brought her in and she was jumping and wagging her tail at me. Blooberry brought me her favorite toy and I threw it many many many times.

She would instantly run to it and bring it right back and drop it at my feet. I was amazed at how smart she was. My mom and I took Blooberry outside for a short walk. I told my mom that I instantly fell in love. We went back into the house and I signed the adoption papers without hesitation. We packed in the car her bed and a few toys. My mom, Blooberry, and I drove home. I took Blooberry on a tour around her new home where Blooberry and I spent the entire rest of the day bonding.... Then, on Sunday, my mom, dad, and grandmother came for dinner to meet the newest addition to our family. She is truly a handful, but I would not change it for the world."
Anna adopted Panda Girl NS # 2036...and quickly named her Blooberry! Here is the story as Anna tells it...
Blooberry certainly gets special treatment...no need to worry about the sun or bright lights when taking a nap...​ ...and she has place of pride under the Christmas tree...  She also gets to hang out on the sofa and waits patiently to go for her walks... Who could resist this cute face!
Just want to say how happy we are with our two dogs adopted from NS!  We had an aussie mix named Sophie, for about 15 years.  She was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor that attached itself to her heart.  We were devastated but did whatever we could to give her the best life we could in spite of it.  Special meds, testing every week or so and she tolerated it like a trooper.
Maggie (NS Madelyn) and Scamper (NS Jasper)
Then the days became more difficult for her and we knew it was time for her to cross the bridge.  She did so in July of 2013 and we were not sure if we could ever get another dog.  After a year we decided to look and we knew we wanted an aussie.  So we searched and found Maggie, aka Madelyn, and adopted her in December of 2014.  We immediately fell in love!  She settled right in and became a member of our family.  
This summer we decided to look for a younger brother for her so she would have a pal and we found Jasper, aka Scamper.  He has some medical issues but we are dealing with them and he certainly does not let much stop him.  We adopted him Labor Day weekend and he and Maggie are buddies and he is fitting right in as a family member we are so happy with these two and so thankful that so many people with NS helped us find good matches for us.  The spirit of Sophie lives on in these guys and they bring us joy every day!  Thank you everyone for what you do!
Little Mother Goose had 5 puppies and arrived in a foster home in Kentucky.  The foster mom had a great time naming them…Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, Little Jack Horner, Little Miss Muffet and Little Tommy Tucker.  The foster mom also had a great time taking pictures and videos and posting them on the website.

From the moment I saw the picture of my Little Tommy I knew he had to come live with me. I fell in love instantly!   So two weeks later my mother and I packed our bags and of course LOTS of toys and a big fluffy dog bed for our journey up to Pennsylvania.  This was not only our big summer adventure but I was going to be able to get my very own puppy.  Two days later I finally got to meet Tommy, and the moment I saw him he started to wag his tail and he ran right up to me. I knew right then that he was my dog.   Right away my mother signed the adoption papers and he was officially mine. We went back to the hotel and waited patiently for the next morning to come...

The next day I went back to the foster home to pick him up and take him home.

On our way home we stopped by a family member’s house to meet everyone and to give him a break before we started driving again. We finally reached home where I took him on a tour of the house to check everything out.  He fits right in......
......and is an amazing dog, he has already picked up on some tricks. Words cannot describe how much I love Tommy and how much he means to me!!!
He loves sleeping anywhere he can.  Gosh, puppies sure do sleep a lot!

He has his favorite toy which is the colorful donut toy - which after a long day of running around the house with it, he takes a nap on it. 
He truly is a blessing and a great addition to the house, and he has made a new friend so he will not miss his brothers and sisters.  When I am at school…otherwise I am his best friend and he is mine too!  

Thank you NS4AR for bringing Tommy into my life.
Jack was a very handsome Aussie rescued with his Mom Dixie in 2009. Jack's adopters have loved and cherished Jack for 6 wonderful years. 7 weeks ago, Jack was diagnosed with bone cancer and his family went above and beyond in their care for this condition to save Jack's life and make his remaining time on this earth as wonderful as possible. Jack was surrounded by insurmountable love during his battle with this dreaded disease and his family said goodbye to him just 7 short weeks after diagnosis. Our hearts are with the West family and they try to cope with the loss of this amazing Aussie.

I adopted Shiloh (formerly Princess Mojo NS 2194) from NS4AR just over a year ago, after having to say goodbye to my beloved dog of 17 years. I knew I wanted an Aussie but I didn't realize how lucky I would be...

Shiloh is a dream dog! Not only is she strikingly beautiful (I'm biased) but she is incredibly sweet-natured and well-behaved. She is now very comfortable and adjusted in her new home, but she is still a perfect lady with absolutely no bad habits. I'm still waiting for her to do something wrong! She loves everybody (people, dogs, all animals) but is enamored of children. Shiloh loves playing ball, hiking and running (or playing ball while hiking or running). We have had so many adventures and travels already. 
Shiloh and I recently became certified as a registered therapy animal team through Pet Partners. The ASPCA and Pet Partners team were so impressed with Shiloh's gentle nature, calm demeanor and tolerance of children (even in large kindergarten classrooms).  Shiloh will soon get to work in her dream job at NYU Langone Hospital's pediatrics unit as we begin volunteering in their new Animal-Assisted Therapy Program. It's a great feeling to be able to give back and to let Shiloh do a "job" that she seems made for.
I cannot thank NS4AR enough for helping me and Shiloh find each other. I am amazed every day that anyone would have given up this sweet, perfect dog! 
We adopted our Lucky from the most wonderful foster parents on Christmas Eve, 2015. Stew and Karen took such good care of our boy...we knew from the moment we met him that he needed to be with our family. We had recently lost our aussie/border collie mix just before Thanksgiving! 

Lucky has settled into life with our busy family. He loves waking up the kids every morning (we call it the doggie alarm clock) and hopping into the car to take them to school. He tucks them into bed each night with plenty of kisses. He is incredibly smart, too! He knows sit, stay, down, over, shake, over and around. He is a phenomenal running buddy for Julie - a marathoner who trains for at least two full and several half marathons each year - and is just a dream on the leash. Lucky adores his family. We plan to take him along on vacations whenever possible. 

Lucky's best friend has to be our kitten, who happens to be the exact same age! Max is blind and diabetic. He lost his eye due to his illness before we brought Lucky home. The two have been inseparable since Christmas. 

Lucky is just such a blessing to our family. We cannot thank New Spirit enough for allowing us to adopt him. 

With love,
The Smith Family - Jeff, Julie, Claire, Cj, Lucky and Max

It has almost been a year since I adopted Jack (formerly Applejack) from NS4AR. I truly appreciate the involvement and efforts of everyone at New Spirit, and I am happy and excited to share an update how him and I have been since he came home with me last October.

Jack is the happiest dog I know - I cannot think of a more precious moment than those when I come home from work, and see his butt start wagging wildly as his set of radar ears pull back once he recognizes me through the window in the door. The positive energy that this dog has is contagious, and it has had a powerful impact on my life.

The first year of living with Jack has been amazing, but it definitely came with its challenges. His primary means of getting attention is to find any object that he knows he is not allowed and grab it and run around in circles in attempt to get me to chase him. I quickly realized that chasing him around just encouraged his behavior, and once I stopped, he learned that his antics don’t get him what he wants. After letting him settle in and finding the right balance of exercise & mental stimulation, he has developed into quite the relaxed and chill dog around the house. He has his crazy days, but then again, so do I!

One thing that I wasn’t fully expecting was how vibrant his personality is! His life goal is to get all people to pay all attention to him all the time, and how he attempts to do this (as frustrating as they can be on occasion) can be quite hilarious. He makes me laugh often, a fact about him that I appreciate to no end.
One of his weird quirks I love is how he gets off furniture... he doesn’t just climb or jump off normally, he steps down with his front feet and drags his belly and legs off, like he is crawling. It gets me laughing every time. He makes the goofiest faces, and sometimes forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth when he hears a noise that makes him focus. His huge ‘radar’ ears are how he signals his mood - they fill in quite dramatically for his lack of a tail.

We have a ton of fun together. I have a little two-seater convertible and he loves to hop up behind the seats and soak up all the attention that other drivers give him. We hike a ton together. At home he is content to snuggle up when I want to relax and read a book or watch a movie. I couldn’t ask for a better little companion.

Knowing that I have helped give a solid home to a formerly stray pup is wonderful, but it’s important to note that Jack has been just as helpful to me as I have been to him. He plays a daily role in keeping me sane and happy, and for that I am deeply grateful.
Excerpts from Kona's journey:

December 2015:  Carly from SPCA Erie County, Buffalo, NY reaches out to NS4AR for help with Kona.  Owner turn in, not well socialized; very nervous around other dogs. "Given her fearful behavior here - we are considering if a rescue group that could take her into a foster home and give her individual attention would be best for her."

January 2016:  NS4AR veteran fosters Madelyn and Ed take Kona in.  "I thought this was going to be an absolute nightmare when I first saw her reaction to my dogs. But they have been SO good.  They are very calm around her; it seems as if they are trying to teach her how to behave."  Kona gets posted on the NS4AR website.
February 2016:  Brenda and Bob from Margate, NJ meet Kona with their blue merle, Dakota.  Madelyn's comment, "Brenda and Bob are just lovely. Keep all fingers and paws crossed for her.  But I think she's home at last!"   Carly's reply, "I can't thank you enough for letting me know that sweet Kona was adopted by lovely people.  It's so unbelievably wonderful that you guys stepped in for her and found her this permanent home!   It means so much to me. :)"

August 2016:  Brenda & Bob's update, "Kona is doing well - she clearly knows we are her forever people.  She and Dakota are getting along well.  All in all - she is still not 100% but we think she has adjusted well and has made great strides.  She is light years better than she was when she first came, and is very responsive to commands."

November 2016:  Brenda & Bob's update, " We are constantly amazed at how far she has come. She and Dakota are really acting like siblings now...it is cute to see!"  Carly, "It is so wonderful for us to see how far this girl has come!  We are so grateful for all the work that you guys have put into her!  She is such a good girl, and was definitely in need of your family!  The success stories mean so much to me, thank you for sharing!"
By Jim and Bridget

We adopted our first two Aussie mixes, Arthur and Zoe, from the Pasadena Humane Society in 2001. They were our soul mates and as you can imagine, when we lost Arthur to old age (18) and Zoe to lymphoma (13), we were empty. Our friend, Melinda, told us about NS4AR, when she knew we were interested in adopting again. We adopted Frankie from NS4AR in October of 2013. Frankie came to us with fear issues and LOVED anything covered in fur, so we decided to adopt a second dog to assist him through his “process”.

Cindy, a NS4AR foster mom and a friend of Melinda’s, had a foster dog named Pepper during the time we were thinking of adopting again. We brought Frankie down to the Portsmouth dog park to meet Pepper. While Frankie was getting all the dogs pumped to chase him around the park and party, Pepper sat with Cindy and stared at her. We think Pepper knew that there was a chance he would be leaving Cindy that day. Pepper’s loyalty and focus was evident.
We adopted Pepper in April 2014 and became a two dog family again. Pepper was definitely the most intense dog we have ever had and we noticed early on that he needed a job. Pepper explored sheep-herding with much success, but the weekly expense took a toll on his parents. Then we heard about agility and found the most wonderful trainer and person, Diane. Diane is not only an agility trainer, club president, and participant; but also an ER nurse (that works the graveyard shift) and a farmer! Don’t ask, we do not know how she does it.

At first, Pepper, mom and new foster human baby brother, Myles, went to the barn for lessons with Diane. Pepper did quite well and definitely enjoyed himself. I told Diane that I would like Jim to run Pepper, because I knew they had a special connection. 
Soon after Jim and Pepper had their first agility trial. They qualified and placed 1st on their first day. We did not really know what this all meant until they started to receive compliments. After four trials, Pepper and Jim received their Level 1 Title. We call Pepper “the Mozart of Agility”….hehehe. Pepper was born this way and he does what he does, he is amazing!

On a side note, Frankie and Bridget enjoy agility at a more recreational level and Frankie loves it! Agility has helped Frankie with his confidence and obedience. As a family, we love what agility has to offer to all of us, canine and human.

Many thanks to Melinda, Cindy and NS4AR for our two fabulous dogs, Frankie and Pepper. We will keep you updated as Pepper and Jim compete and enjoy what agility has to offer.
Pepper and Jim continue to sharpen their skills.

What a terrific life these two dogs have!  What joy they both bring to their family…and what joy the family brings into the two of them...Thanks to everyone along the way…the foster homes, the transporters, the vets and vet techs and New Spirit…We look forward to future updates !